Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lata Mangeshkar- Nightingale of India or Peddar Road

Lata "Maange"shkar has left me lost for words. How can a person stoop to such a blatantly selfish stand over an issue which is of so much importance to thousands of others. I am talking about the Peddar road flyover which the Govt has decided is a necassity to ease traffic congestion and this babe says that it should not pass through her front road since her's is a residential area. Lata has proclaimed that if the flyover is built then you will leave Peddar road and settle down elsewhere. Do you really believe that you are of so much importance to us? My dear old lady, it is you who needs Mumbai and we certainly do not care a damn about where you lay your fat ass.
Lata, please take some cue from other icons like sachin tendulkar. He knows he is an icon and millions of children and youth are looking up to him as a legend. Unknowingly they are all going to adapt a lot of his values. Sachin speaks volumes of good Maharastrian upbringing and parental teachings. Sadly the least can be said regarding this in your context. THE YOUTH IS WATCHING AND READING YOUR SELFISHNESS.. and if you succeed in stopping the flyover then it will be another success of evil over good in today's kalyug. Your success will only happen through your political contacts & please do not have the slightest misconception that you have done so by your fan's blessings since they are certainly not with you on this issue.
Please stop your nonsense before God intervenes and teaches you a lesson!

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